INDICATA partners with DTC Media

The No. 1 automotive marketing company in the Netherlands, DTC Media, uses INDICATA’s real time market intelligence to optimize its vehicle evaluations and connects car dealers with online customers.

Netherlands – March 21, 2018


Pictured (left to right): Mike Slutter, Project Lead, DTC Media; Frans Huetink, Director, DTC Media; Bobby Rietveld, Sales Director, INDICATA Netherlands; Tim Teeuwen, Key Account Manager, INDICATA Netherlands.

INDICATA, the global leader in business intelligence and analytics solutions for used car operations to the automotive industry and part of the Autorola Group, has partnered with DTC Media in the Netherlands to provide INDICATA’s business intelligence and advanced analytics solutions to DTC’s Online Taxation Module (OTM). A move that will provide powerful real-time market insights and advanced analytics to around 500 vehicle evaluation websites in the Netherlands and Belgium.

INDICATA is a web-based platform that monitors all used cars currently for sale in a market by collecting and analysing live used car market data in real-time from online sources such as classified websites, OEM websites, dealer websites and used car retailer websites. Engineered for high-performance used vehicle management, INDICATA enables car makers and dealers to turn data-driven insights into a competitive advantage and provides them strategic guidance to improve operational efficiencies in their used vehicle operations.

DTC Media has become an authority in the online evaluations of passenger cars in the Netherlands. This is due to its full-service marketing agency for the automotive branch of the Online Taxation Module (OTM), a program developed in-house. The evaluation tool connects the car dealer with the online consumer and provides leads with concrete sales opportunities. The OTM was launched in 2010, and was further developed into version 3.0, which has already generated over 650,000 evaluations and operates a continuous service on around 500 websites that are used as vehicle appraisal (evaluation) portals for car dealers and importers throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.

DTC Media continuously innovates and therefore has collaborated with Indicata to make the Online Appraisal Module even more powerful.
Indicata is part of the Autorola Group, international specialist in online remarketing and ICT solutions. As a market leader in business intelligence and analytical solutions for the used car market, Indicata offers a unique approach in gathering, processing and analysing live market data. Precisely that 'real-time' insight into the market is a reason DTC Media has decided to partner with Indicata.

Indicata supplies DTC Media with live market data of vehicles plus real-time car values in combination with an expected number of days to sell each vehicle. These values and current transactions are therefore based on actual, dynamic market data instead of an artificial system (algorithm). This distinguishing metrics from Indicata provides added value to DTC Media’s customers.

This is a great collaboration for Indicata in the Netherlands. "A partnership with the automotive marketing specialist in the Netherlands fits seamlessly with the vision of Indicata: to provide customers not only what they ask, but what they have always wanted", says Sales Director Bobby Rietveld. He adds significantly:"The value of a car is only really known as soon as you know the market days supply of that car!"

The new collaboration brings the number of partners for the Online Appraisal Module to three. With the addition of the current data, DTC Media can issue even more reliable evaluations. "This results in even more tailored and personalised trade-in proposals for the consumer," explains Director Frans Huetink, "and that in turn leads to better insights and higher scoring opportunities for car dealers."


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INDICATA brings a unique solution to the market, improving profitability in used vehicle operations and protecting residual values in the automotive industry and in aligned sectors. The real-time business intelligence solution collects, processes and analyses live used car market data to provide insights on market dynamics including demand, supply, pricing, inventories, etc. INDICATA is a web based platform that monitors all used cars currently for sale in a market by automatically gathering data in real-time from online sources such as classified websites, OEM websites, dealer websites and used car retailer websites.
INDICATA’s web based dashboards provide real-time KPIs, reports and analysis. These insights enable customers such as car manufacturers, importers, dealers, fleet owners, rental companies, banks and insurance companies to instantly measure their market position and to effortlessly monitor the performance of their networks. Additionally, users of INDICATA can easily manage supply and demand for their stock as well as plan strategies and tactics to protect residual value and improve sales. Against a backdrop of ever changing market conditions, INDICATA delivers the insights to optimise used vehicle prices and to proactively manage risks.

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